De overlevingsgids voor NextGen bibliotheekmedewerkers/studenten

The NextGen Librarian�s Survival Guide

Binnenkort komt er een nieuw boek uit: The NextGen Librarian’s Survival Guide van Rachel Singer Gordon. Here is a unique resource for next generation librarians, addressing the specific needs of GenXers and Millennials as they work to define themselves as information professionals. The book focuses on how NextGens can move their careers forward and positively impact the profession. Library career guru Rachel Singer Gordon—herself a NextGen librarian—provides timely advice along with tips and insights from dozens of librarians on issues ranging from image and stereotypes, to surviving library school and entry-level positions, to working with older colleagues. A special section for current library administrators and managers makes this a must-read not only for NextGen librarians, but for those who recruit, work with, and mentor them.

Bron: InfoToday
Via: Librarian in Black

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