Journal of Web Librarianship

De Distant Librarian schrijft over een nieuw tijdschrift Journal of Web Librarianship.Over het tijdschrift:

The Journal of Web Librarianship is an international, peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by Haworth, Inc. Information about subscriptions may be found on the Haworth web site.The Journal of Web Librarianship publishes material related to all aspects of librarianship as practiced on the World Wide Web, including both existing and emerging roles and activities of information professionals in the Web environment. The Journal of Web Librarianship strives to find a balance between original, scholarly research, and practical communications about relevant topics in web librarianship.

Op de vraag wat nu precies een Web Librarian is geven zij het volgende antwoord:

* Any traditional library activity that is now practiced in the virtual space known as the World Wide Web.
* New and emerging forms of librarianship practiced in the Web environment

Meer info: The Journal of Web Librarianship
Via: Distant Librarian

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