Gelezen in de maand februari – maart

No place for a woman / Donna Hay
Ik heb het boek vanmorgen teruggebracht naar de bibliotheek voordat ik mijn stukje schreef en dus weet ik niet meer hoe de hoofdpersonen heten. Oeps! Ik jat dus gewoon maar even de samenvatting van Amazon (vinden ze vast niet erg).

Finn Delaney is a twenty-something woman leading a curious existence. As far as her father Joe is concerned she works in a beauty salon. In reality, when Finn leaves the house every morning she has a very different destination in mind. Widower Joe has tried to turn his little girl into a princess, just like his wife would have wanted. Yet Finn’s one ambition is to join her father’s construction business and work alongside him. But Joe tells her the building trade is “no place for a woman,” so Finn takes matters into her own hands, dons a hard hat, and joins a rival firm, Tates. Gina Tate has been brought up to believe that a woman’s job is to look good and say nothing. Years spent trying to please her difficult father and live up to her glamorous family have left her emotionally fragile. Ousted from the family business, she finds herself working for their arch rivals, the Delaneys. On the surface, Gina and Finn might not have much in common, but they both have something to prove to their respective families. Can Finn find a way back into her father’s heart? Can Gina learn to stand on her own two feet? Not before they both put their envy and resentment aside, and realize that perhaps they aren’t so different from one another after all.

Heerlijk leesvoer over een niet alledaags onderwerp, de bouwwereld.

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