Doceren met social software

Twee interessante artikelen over social software in het onderwijs.Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom van S. Pixy Ferris and Hilary Wilder en Teaching Social Software with Social Software van Ulises Mejias, beiden te vinden op Innovate (Journal of Online Education – june/july 2006)

S. Pixy Ferris and Hilary Wilder discuss the changes that are occurring in teaching and learning in a world where teachers and students are increasingly products of two different learning cultures. Adopting the linguistic theory of Walter J. Ong, they see teachers as part of a print paradigm of learning whereas they propose that students are increasingly part of a secondary-oral paradigm of learning.

Ulises Mejias examines how social software—information and communications technologies that facilitate the collaboration and exchange of ideas—enables students to participate in distributed research, an approach to learning in which knowledge is collectively constructed and shared.

Meer info: Innovate

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