Nieuwe test meet de Webintelligentie van studenten

CNN schrijft op 1 juli over een nieuwe test die kan meten of studenten internet intelligent zijn.

Students apply to college online, e-mail their papers to their professors and, when they want to be cheeky, pass notes in class by text-messaging. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a high Internet IQ.

Een voorbeeld:
Sample questions include giving students a simulated page of Web search results on a particular subject and asking students to pick the legitimate sources. So, a question on bee sting remedies presents a choice of sites ranging from ads to a forum for herb treatments to (the correct answer) a listing from the National Institutes of Health, identifiable by having “nih” in the URL (site address) along with the “.gov” suffix that connotes an official government listing.

Bron: – New test would measure students’ Web wisdom – Jul 1, 2005

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