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Vandaag kreeg ik deze mail toegestuurd:

OCWC Folks,

As a follow-on to the release of the OCWC Santander registration web site and the invitations sent out yesterday, we’d like to launch our OCWC Santander “One Degree of Separation” Recruiting Initiative.

The initiative is really simple. Here’s how it will work:

  • Each of you takes some time over the next few days to think about who you can invite to Santander. Technically, we really couldn’t accommodate 1000 people at the conference, and the agenda may not be for everyone — so we do want to make sure that we’re inviting the right kind of folks to the conference. Some candidates might be:
    • Professors, administrators, or staff at universities who qualify in any of the following regards:
      • Have great “higher ed” content to share
      • Have an inclination towards openness in higher education
      • Are influential among those who have either 1 or 2 above
    • Leaders or participants in education-related consortia
    • Thought leaders or influentials in media and/or press
    • Employees or leaders of NGO’s with a higher-ed focus — who are looking to establish relationships with content providers to meet the needs of their NGO.
    • Anyone else you think would be a good fit for the conference, based on the agenda as outlined here
  • Use the text provided here, or whatever other text you feel is appropriate, to draft and send the invitation email and extend to these folks an invitation to Santader. Please cc me on these emails, so that I can follow up, and keep track of the outstanding invitations.Also, if any of you have blogs or newsletters, please consider making a post/entry about the conference.
    We would also love for those of you with live OCW sites to consider putting some information about the conference on the home page, with a link to this page. The OCWC Portal will have an update within a week in this regard.Hopefully, as a result of our collective efforts, we’ll significantly increase conference attendance over past conferences, and bring some exciting new members/institutions into the OCWC!!!

    Thanks so much for your willingness to help promote this conference. This is a wonderful time to recruit new quality OCWs (one of our primary goals), and to help energize the community. I look forward to supporting your invitees — and may even come up with some small prize for the person who lands the coolest recruit(s).

    More soon! Please email w/ questions.

    John Dehlin


Also, if any of you have blogs or newsletters, please consider making a post/entry about the conference.

Bij deze!
Het congres vindt plaats op 2 tot en met 4 mei in Santander (Spanje) – kosten congres € 152

Open Course Ware Consortium heeft ook een wiki voor nog meer informatie.

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